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Monday, 16 January 2023

How To Make Money On Facebook - Best Ways To Earn in 2023

How To Make Money On Facebook- Best Ways To Earn

Apart from sharing your photos on Facebook, now you can make money from your Facebook account. You nay not think of Facebook as a new and edgy anymore. No one can deny its popularity. Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active Facebook users. 

Many people and business try to earn money from Facebook. With such a vast potential audience, it makes good sense. 

If you have a considerable number of supporters and then engage with them on a regular basis, they will find that their posts will appear in many people's feeds. 

so the best way to make that people hear what you have to say is to build your support on your Facebook account and people consider you an influencer. When you reach that point, it is easy to make money on Facebook.

If you operate your account well and share quality content on a regular basis, Facebook will recognize your efforts and increase their relevance scores. 

And then in many ways such as  selling your own product, advertisement, affiliate marketing etc you can make good income with Facebook.

You can make money on Facebook in many ways but you should be abide from Facebook's eligibility criteria for monetization.

Facebook Monetization Eligibility Criteria

There are a handful of ways to make money from your Facebook content, but first you must be eligible to do so. This means your Facebook page and your content must be abide by Facebook's eligibility criteria. These eligibility requirements are in three categories : 

1. Facebook Community Standards 

These are Facebook's foundational rules, like unsafe content or no graphic. 

2. Content Monetization Policies 

These content level rules apply for every piece of content you post, like no violent content. 

3. Partner Monetization Policies

These rules are for your whole Facebook page, as well as content you create, how you share your content with your audiences, and how you receive and make online payments. 

For checking your eligibility, you can go to the Facebook section of your Creator Studio and click the monetization tab. Select the pages you want to see your monetization eligibility for-you will also be served other monetization information about the page. Once you are eligible to monetize your content on Facebook, it's important to Stay eligible if you want to make a regular and consistent income. Make good quality content and ensure you have the rights to post your content. 

Best Ways to Make Money On Facebook

1. Firstly, Build your audience

Firstly, create a Facebook fan page on Facebook, where you can posts your interests like travelling, cooking, funny page, business ideas etc..

If you want to become a successful influencer, first build a good following on your Facebook account. The big reason that  influencer are successful on Facebook is that they have already gone through the process of building a following. 

Build up your expertise on Facebook by sharing a string of excellent posts like interesting images, links and updates about your content. If you really want to succeed as an individual and want to make money on Facebook you should build up an area of interest where you can become recognized as an expert.

The main motive of your Facebook fan page should be to provide a place where people can get to know about yourself.  If people like your content, they will come to your page again and again. In some time you will get their trust and ultimately, they are likely to be happy to spend money to buy your products.

2. Make Good Content


Write good quality content on Facebook fan page and engage as many as users or followers possible. Once you'll start getting good response and good numbers of likes, you can move to the next step that is about making money on this page.

3. In-stream Ads

In-stream ads are short ads that run before, during, or after your videos. They are an ideal way to make money if you regularly publish videos from your Facebook page. 
In-stream ads attract the attention of a captative audience and are ideal for creators and brands with a sizable audience. When a user is part-way through watching a Facebook video, they are more likely to watch the whole of an ad if it means they can continue on with the original content. 

Facebook offers you three types of In-stream ads :
  • Pre-roll ads - These type of ads run before your videos starts, and they are better for pages that people actively seeks out. When people search for your content specifically they are less likely to mind the ads at the starting of a video. 
  • Mid-roll ads - These ads run during the video and work well in natural breaks. 
  • Image ads - These are static images, which are shown underneath your videos. These ads work well for the videos that don't have a good spot for a mid-roll ad break. 
To start running In-stream ads and make money on your Facebook fan page, you need to enable In-stream ads in the Creator  studio. From there, you can automatically add In-stream ads to any eligible videos that you have posted in the past 30 days.

4. Fan subscriptions 

Fan subscription allow members of your audience to provide direct economic or financial support to you and the content you are providing. It also gives your followers access to exclusive content, discounts and perks.

Fan subscription are a way to make money on your Facebook page. Before you try to use fan subscription to monetize your page keep some important things in your mind such as : 

  • Requirements of the page - For fan subscription you need to have large and active page following. Currently, fan subscriptions are available by invitation only. 
  • Fan subscription is good for - This subscription model is good for those, who have a large following and who are interested in creating gated content for paying supporters could benefit. 
  • Provide value to your subscribers : always provide good quality content  to your fans. This is incredibly important if they are paying for access.

5. Collaborate with brands

Create content with a relevant, complementary partner to increase your reach and diversify your content output. There are many brands that want to work with influencers, creators, and other companies to reach new audiences and raise brand awareness, and this can be a great opportunity for you to boost your follower count and generate engagement. 

When people ask for information on how to make money on Facebook pages, this is probably more of what they are thinking about because it is also known as influencer marketing. 

Brand partnership or collaboration on Facebook are when a page publish content that features is sponsored by a brand. The brand pays the content creator to show products or services to their followers, which can influence their purchase. 

When you provide branded content well, as in only promoting brands that are relevant and useful to your audience, you can gain even more trust by helping them. 

Before you can start tagging business partners in your posts, you have to request access. once you have done that, you can access the collaboration opportunities and view insights inside the Brand Collabs Manager

This way of making money is best for pages with an active, loyal following who post content that most brands won't consider risky.   

6. Start paid events online 

You can engage your followers through a live event they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Through your page you can run paid events, which is perfect for creators and businesses moving in- person events online. 

Fans can view a list of events and purchase access directly from the brand's page. seeing how many people are interesting and attending the events. 
Hoisting online events helps you to reach new audiences who are interested in different kinds of events. It's also generate engagement among followers who may not at all be in the same location. 

Enable paid online events on Facebook page and click the events tab to create a new event at your page. Choose the "Paid" option and fill the required information about the event. 

If Your Facebook account pass the Facebook's monetization criteria, then you can start create paid events on your page. 


With massive audience on your Facebook page you can make a good income by an e-commerce business, selling services, and creating digital products. With the platform's new suite of features made for brands and entrepreneurs, it is easier than ever to engage audiences.

If you want to make a good income on your Facebook page, you need to diversify your offering, so that if one platform dries up you have other streams of traffic and revenue. 

So if you are one of those people, who wants to earn money with Facebook, use all the above steps. Pages and accounts that share content with their audience on Facebook are an important part of the Facebook's ecosystem, adding value for both to the Facebook's community and their advertisers. Facebook has build monetization tools to help individuals and organizations generate meaningful, reliable revenue. 

So use these tools to make money on Facebook. In this blog we have provide all the information regarding, How you can make money On Facebook, So use these and earn a good income. 
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